Soft Twist Tie Garden Wire

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Tender enough to tie plants to a support, yet strong enough to hold bamboo and other supports with ease.

Very versatile with a tough-but-gentle soft rubbery exterior and a strong galvanized steel core. More economical than other brands especially since it's UV-stabilized so it won't break down after 6 months in the sun. It will handle extreme temperatures, and it's reuseable. Fasten shrubs, plants, flowers, vines, climbing roses, tomatoes, and more.

Additional Information

Twist Ties are a soft plant tie that are perfect for tying up plants that are falling over due to heavy crops, or for tying up the thicker stems of trees, shrubs, roses, large climbers and fruit bushes.

  • Soft & Pliable
  • Reusable
  • Great for fastening shrubs, plants, flowers, vines, decorations, etc.
  • Will handle extreme temperatures
  • UV Stabilized