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The LightRail® Difference - Grow Lamp Movers

When indoor grow lights move over the tops of the plants, the grow lamps can be positioned closer to the plants for maximized ppfd. Moving grow lamps can also penetrate to more leaf area, maximizing each grow light on two fronts at once. In addition, there are no hot spots, and shadow patterns are reduced. LightRail grow light movers provide this sun-like effect of stronger, closer light and to more leaf area simultaneously.

Why not just add more lights?

The majority of stationary grow light output is wasted, and simply adding more stationery grow lights cannot duplicate what light movers can do. That’s because light equals yield and its efficiency matters. LightRail light movers also cover about 30% more area per grow light. This saves 30% in electricity, 30% in up-front grow light purchases, 30% in replacement purchases AND we see faster growth and much better yields. Simply put, a LightRail grow light mover is the only grow equipment product that pays for itself. Moving your grow lights is a smart business move and the returns are immediate. In a market where energy efficiency is as important as yield, you can have both.

A light mover allows each grow lamp to cover 30% more area compared to stationary, increases the effectiveness of each grow light that was inefficient when stationary, and gets those grow lights to perform for maximum effect by allowing a closer plant to lamp tolerance. That is significant. LightRail is quality constructed instrument-grade robotics, solidly made in the USA to perform as an absolute workhorse, crop after crop and year after year. You can only get this with LightRail by Gualala Robotics.

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