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About Jiffy 7

Jiffy-7 based on the ‘open wall container and media in one’ principle, these pellet systems are versatile and available in many different sizes, tray configurations and media choices.

The Jiffy-7 has a long proven track record in the horticultural industry and started out as a ‘one size fits all’ 40x 40mm peat pellet for propagation of seed and cuttings.

It quickly became a favorite for many propagators. Before long, the 40 mm pellet was followed by the ‘mini pellet’, a 30mm version of the original Jiffy-7.

Today Jiffy-7 is available in a large range of sizes and configurations, used for an ever increasing variety of crops. The Jiffy-7 pellet system is a favorite choice for propagation, as it is a clean and cost effective system, well suited to be used for almost any crop in combination with any existing automation system.

The product is available preloaded in many European and North American tray standards, as poly-roll (pellets pre spaced on a roll of poly to quickly set up a propagation bench) or as bulk pellets to be loaded in standard industry trays.

Jiffy pellets containing peat and coir, or 100% coir, are made using RHP certified coco material, providing for a superior aerated rooting media. Jiffy’s quality control guarantees that the physical and chemical properties of the coco substrate are just right to provide for an optimal rooting environment.

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