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Twister Trimming Systems

Twister Trimming Systems

Trimming Sucks—it’s been our mantra for over a decade. And back when hand-trimming was the industry standard, it certainly did. But thanks to professional cannabis trimming machines like the Twister T4, T2 and now the revolutionary Twister T-Zero, the art of trimming cannabis and hemp has been transformed from an exercise in tedium to one of opportunity.

Professional cannabis producers across the globe know that a well-planned, customizable Twister trimming solution can positively impact nearly every side of your business, from engineering and harvesting, to finance, HR, and quality control. In this new era of professional cannabis production, you need to trim your costs along with your cannabis and get greater control over your productivity, safety, labour, and downtime, all while producing top-quality output. In short, you need a Twister.

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