Peflex Non Insulated Flexible Duct 12'' X 25'


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Peflex 4P is an Un-insulated Flexible Air Duct connection consisting of two layers of pure aluminum and of two layers of a polyester binding a galvanized wire.

Peflex 4P is completely water and air tight, corrosion resistant and can withstand high static pressure.
High static pressure resistance is achieve by having a tight distance between helix (1 inch) and by having the thicker wall in the industry (0.0041’’/0,105mm).

Peflex 4P offer a high resistance to fire because of its unique quadruple laminating process leaving no flammable material exposed.
All adhesive use in the quadruple laminating process contain fire retardant even if those material are not exposed.

Peflex 4P has a much lower friction loss than regular cloth duct reducing the energy required by the system to move the air.

Detailed description
- Flame Speed : < 25
- Flame Development : < 50
- Maximum Velocity : 4000 ft/minute
- Continuous maximum Positive Pressure : 15’’ H20 (1.5 kPa)
- Continuous maximum Negative Pressure Temperature Range : 2.5’’ H20 (0.13 kPa)
- Maximum Temperature use : -20°F to 140°F continuous (at 4 inches H20) / -20°F to 180°F continuous (at 2 inches H20) / -20°F to 180°F continuous (at 1⁄2 inches H20)
- Flexible thickness : (0.0041’’/0,105mm)
- Size : 12" x 25'
- Available sizes : 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 14"

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