BudHuggers - Extra Thin & Soft Plant Training Garden Ties


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Training cannabis plants has its obvious values: increased airflow and light exposure, which leads to more photosynthesis, fewer pests, and ultimately, larger and fatter colas. In a nutshell, plant training works by hurting (or "stressing") your plants in a way that they can grow even stronger later. It's just like going to the gym - no pain, no gain.

However, while some stresses are great, other stresses are really bad, especially when it involves cutting the skin of your stems. The reason for this is that plants transport sugars via their "skin", and when you use thin wire or cheap garden ties, they cut that outer skin and limit the growth of your plant.

That's why we created the BudHuggers - to be soft and gentle on your plants, but also extra thin so that you can also train small seedlings and branches instead of using garden ties from the dollar store that are as thick as a finger.

"The BudHuggers are a 'must-have' for home growers who want to train their cannabis plants in every shape or form, without hurting them"

Designed by mechanical engineers, the BudHuggers are not only extremely strong, but they are also super thin and ergonomic for your plants. We made them this way because conventional garden ties are either sharp or weak, which can be harmful to your plants. With the BudHuggers, you never need to worry about strangling your branches or cutting through them, because they literally hug your plants. 



  • Reel Width: 4"
  • Reel Height: 8" 
  • Reel Depth: 1"
  • Wire Length: 16ft/5m
  • Wire Thickness: 2.5mm