Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System


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Put The Power Of The Lab In Your Pocket. Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A State-Of-The-Art Potency Measurement System.

The Purpl PRO Potency Measurement System was developed by scientists at Purpl Scientific with an unprecedented combination of accuracy and usability. After several years in development and cross-validation against the efficiency of traditional laboratories, the device was released as the world’s first pocket-sized instant potency testing device designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

The Purpl PRO is the only device on the market to use Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to measure total cannabis potency from a small portion of any dried cannabis sample. Results will show critical measurements of total THC (THC and THCa) and total CBD (CBD and CBDa) content as well as moisture and water activity.


The Purpl PRO’s proprietary near-infrared technology has proven to have an accuracy of +/- 2%, a variation that compares favourably to tests performed by licensed cannabis testing laboratories. Extensive cross-validation has backed the device with the highest level of accuracy attainable but with the advantages of reduced complexity (built-in grinder to prepare samples), instantaneous results and unlimited reusability. For producers, this means allowing your operation to pocket thousands of dollars in a season.


A non-invasive laser will shine on plant material and make contact with vibrating chemical compounds to produce a distinct measurable pattern. NIS technology will allow you to instantly measure the potency in cured flowers and growing plants. Measurements can be taken throughout the complete life of the plant.

The Purpl PRO gives users the transparency of knowing the exact THC and CBD levels in any strain and at every step of the cannabis value chain from cultivation to consumption. Compared to competitors, there is no extra testing equipment. Analysis takes 3 clicks and provides a real-time measurement in 10 seconds.

The adaptability and quality of this device have raised the industry standard of cannabis potency testing.

From cultivators to retailers to consumers, anyone can use the Purpl PRO module with the ability to perform tests in any field, commercial or home environment. Applications are trailblazing and incredibly wide-ranging, ultimately allowing you to benefit from the power of insight.