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Medium weight Natural Burlap is used around the home to winter wrap shrubs and other outdoor plants, as well as many other uses including biodegradable soil erosion control, arts and crafts, wind break, seed germination and shading.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Natural Burlap can be laid out for erosion control, particularly for seeding areas. It will decompose entirely within 6 months.

Winter Wrap

For those in cold winter climates, Natural Burlap can be used to winter wrap shrubs and hedges.

Transporting Plants

Natural Burlap can be used to safely transport plants. It has been used by nurseries and other distributors for years to transport plants safely.


Because Natural Burlap is biodegradable and made from plant fibers, it is the perfect medium for transplanting trees and shrubs. Simply wrap the roots once or twice and plant. By the time the burlap decomposes, the plant’s root system ought to be fully established.Shade Cloth

At nearly 50% shade, Natural Burlap can be hung as shade and privacy cloth. 


Similar to shading, burlap can be used as a windbreak as well.

Arts & Crafts

Common burlap crafts include lamp shades, art canvas, costumes, placemats, rugs and curtains.