Agrolux ALF1000 with Philips Lamp

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So much light from just one luminaire! This luminaire of Agrolux is used most frequently. Philips extensively tested the ALF1000 on efficiency, yield, thermal regulation, bulb voltage etc. These tests are needed for approval to use a Philips-ballast and Philips-light source in the luminaires. The ALF1000 passed the test with flying colours and has been 100% approved.

Innovative luminaires

With the ALF1000 lighting luminaire, Agrolux once again proves that it is very capable of innovation. The ALF1000 2.1 is completely new and deviates off the beaten path. The electronic pre-connected lighting luminaires are provided with own or Philips electronics, a semi-open reflector (from Germany) with heat shield and a double-ended 1000watt bulb from Philips.


The ALF1000 housing is made of powder coated white aluminium and is extremely compact in design. With the use of energy efficient electronics, a big cooling fins’ surface and a heat shield, it stays remarkably cool. Do not let your decision be based on the position of the electronics but on the information we as a company can provide.


The ALF1000-luminaires are equipped with an electronic pre-switched ballast. Typical of the ALF1000 is the position of the electronic pre-switched ballast. As a standard, the electronic ballast used is supplied with a voltage protector, making damage due to overvoltage a thing of the past. Even in the case of voltage fluctuating, the electronics ensures a constant output. Agrolux uses their own EVSAs or Philips-drivers.

Low inrush current

All luminaires are supplied with a low inrush current. The inrush current is the peak load that occurs when starting up an installation. By using a low inrush current it is possible to use cheaper switch materials.

Semi-closed reflector system

The ALF1000’s reflector system is semi-closed. The system was developed and produced in Germany and ensures that the temperature of the bulb does not rise too high (maximum of ca. 500 degrees). If the temperature of the bulb gets too high (higher than 550 degrees) it can result in early wear and tear.

To ensure that the electronics stay cool, a heat shield is fitted on the reflector. The reflector can be dissembled very easily and can be easily cleaned.

Efficient bulbs

The bulbs used are from the AUVL and Philips brands. The bulbs are delivered in the so-called double-ended design. The output of the AUVL/Philips-bulb improves every year; currently the warranty value is 2100umol at 100 hours. The bulbs have a warranty of four years with a maximum of 10 000 burning hours for these four years. The 1000w-bulb of AUVL and Philips is interchangeable.

Installation of the luminaires

Installation of the luminaires is simple. All our luminaires are equipped with Wieland-plug systems. This dust- and waterproof plug-and-play system, ensures faster and safer installation.