Futurola Knockbox 100 Standard Filling Kit

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These Filling Kits are to be used with the Knockbox 2 or Futurola Knockbox 3. Fill 100 Pre-Rolled Cones in 2 minutes in the Standard Filling Kit. Can be used as a replacement Filling Kit, to avoid cross contamination or when you change strain type.

Choose between the Standard, Reefer, Fatboy, and Party size filling tray kits.

Standard Filling Kit includes:
  • Standard filling device
  • 36mm mix tray
  • Unload station plus (Standard/Reefer size)
Compatible with Standard Futurola Pre-Rolled Cones*:
  • 1 1/4 size 84/26 pre-rolled cones
  • Slim size 98/26 pre-rolled cones
  • King size 109/21 + 109/26 Ppre-rolled cones
*Crown diameter ranging from 11-12.5mm